About Smokin' Outlaw Kitchen.

BBQ & Community

We’re all about giving you an awesome dining experience that you won’t forget anytime soon, with our amazing BBQ dishes that are expertly crafted by our pitmaster. Each bite is packed with an explosion of flavors that will leave you craving for more. Plus, we’re passionate about our community and we always strive to make a positive impact by bringing everyone together with love and great food. Come on down and experience the Smokin’ Outlaw Family!

Outstanding Food

When your food is prepared with love, you can taste the quality! Our pitmaster really knows their stuff and has put together a menu that’s packed with flavor. You won’t be able to get enough! Come join us for a delicious culinary adventure that’ll show you just how great BBQ can be.

Extraordinary Community

We Believe in building a family-based community, AKA: A Smokin; Outlaw Nation. We understand that a community consists of many different aspects, personalities, careers, and backgrounds. All are welcome, respected, and valued. Again, great BBQ brings great people together! We give back to our community proudly and unapologetically when it comes to making a positive impact. Leaving this World better than we found it, is a genuine passion of the S.O.K

Community Engagement Events

Local Highschool Student and Basketball Standout, Feeding Denver Homeless

The Outlaw Story

“This is our passion and what we truly love to do. It shows daily in the quality of our food at the cafe, our catering events, and the relationships we build with our customers and our community”

Smokin Outlaw Owners

I’ve always said and believed “Great BBQ brings Great People together!!!” I’ve been cooking for Clubs, Anniversary Parties, Birthday Parties, Weddings, etc… When you have a bunch of old-school bikers saying “Son, you better do this for a living!” Eventually, you have to start listening! The quarantine and lockdown gave me the time and opportunity to pursue this long-standing passion for smoking barbecue for large groups. (The bigger the Better!) By the grace of God, my Aunt Sharon and some extended family members found an old school bus partially converted into a food truck in Kansas. On the first day of the quarantine lockdown, I was able to drive the bus back from Pratt, Kansas back here to Denver to start my BBQ Bus idea. With the amazing help of some very kind brothers, friends, and investors the Smokin’ Outlaw Kitchen was born.

After a year and a half of hard and grinding hours of getting our name out there with the S.O.K. bus, we have now grown into our first Brick-and-mortar location. BBQ Cafe was created due to an overwhelming response to our catering events. We absolutely love cooking for large parties! The Smokin’ Outlaw Kitchen believes Low and Slow is the only way. We have a 500-gallon custom smoker out back that you can smell for miles away! Our smoke and reputation is our business card. We have catered over 250 events in just the past year and a half, ranging from 30 to 700 people!
Serving BBQ is our passion and what we truly love to do. It shows daily in the quality of our food at the cafe, and at the events that we cater.
ML&R -Brandon

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